To love

True they say ” its better to have loved , and lost then never to have loved at all”. Even better I presume is if love were to happen more often.

Even better than this would be if it were not one directional and had the occasional surprise of a reciprocation 🙂

I dedicate this post to all my uni-directional lovely lovers out there 🙂

The irony is when no one actually thinks about this. One can fall in love with his / her car, mobile, laptop , ipad or much about anything and anyone in existence and in may cases virtual.

Then we have the workaholic who is in love with his profession / job and in some cases like a hard to get sweetheart … work just doesn’t respond the way our workaholic buddy wishes.

Then there is eternal love and the cycle to keep getting the high again … and again 😉

I would like to simply pay tribute to those who are in love with someone, something or anything / anyone with all their heart … and are yet to get any response …. may it be a “Bad Command of File Name” 😉  [ readers familiar with DOS will get this]

I took a little break writing and this just sort of just came across as a thought and I liked sharing it. The usefulness or lack there off the post is absolutely not intended.

Would appreciate if you can suggest any topics you wish to read on and I can share my personal experiences if possible.

Till later…. Keep loving as love is reward in itself 🙂

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