Baa Adab Ba Mulahiza Hoshiyar ….

Zilay Subhani … Sirajudaula … Sultan E Hindustan … Sultan E Azam …

Baadshah E Hind … Sahib e Zaman….Jalal Ud Din Muhammad Akbar …

Jalwa feroz Ho Rahay Hain !!!

In the midst of the glory and intimidating architecture of the Mughal Empire lays a dirty little secret lost to reality and time to be more famously known as a work a “fiction”. The Emperor enters the darbar only to be presented with a criminal …. Anarkali.

Her crime …. Theft. Well as they say Theft is theft may it be big or small and in this case it was huge. She had inadvertently stole the heart of the Crown Prince Jahnagir. Oh My God. What every will become of her 🙁

One can always see the Indian movie Mughal E Azam to get an idea of what happened … or allegedly happened.

History as we know is only a perspective of the one who writes it. When the memory of Anarkali was fresh …it was Akbarnama and of course he did not mention anything of her. Later when Jahangir become emperor and his reign produced Tazkir E Janagiri … I believe the memory of a love affair long ago was forgotten or replaced by new and more approachable one(s)…so we do not find anything there of her either. All we have is the tomb of Anarkali. I don’t wish to elaborate on that.

What is my point… well I imagine or wish to imagine what was going on in Anarkali’s mind when she was standing against the wall being “built” in to it brick by brick, line by line by the Royal mason while Akbar and his courtiers looked on.

What was going on in her mind??

I sense that every brick she saw being added was a reminder to her of the hopelessness of her adventure. Every inch that the wall grew closer to trap her inside she felt she had nothing and she had sacrificed everything for Nothing. Then she may have been thinking of the good times with the prince. Remembering the promises made by him and now the hollowness of those promises. She must have felt like being reborn and starting life again.
She may even have thought about how Jahangir could have tackled the situation where the result was not her gruesome death. He could have talked to his father he could have kept the affair in wraps like one of the wazirs she knew of.

No, he had to go and confront the King..his father and evoke all wrath that comes with standing against the king no matter waht the topic.

There she stood being trapped and at one point her tears stopped. She could see that she had nothing and that is where her hopelessness was coming from and the one she blammed well he had everything and now without her he had nothing and that is where his dejection was coming from . He was not to blame.

It was fate and this is how their love was to be immortalized — she smiled.

She smiled because now she no longer feared death. She KNEW now that it is from this moment on that she will actually begin to live.

This is how I think she felt. She may have been just standing there drugged and unconscious…I don’t know but I think she was strong and she was fearless and this scared the life out of Akbar.

Coming back to the moment, I am sure if she had a mobile she would have liked to slip one with her secretly and called Jahangir after being trapped to let her loose ..or … I imagine her sending a selfie to Jahangir from inside the walls 😉

We do many things in our own frame of reference and we live our entire lives within that frame of reference. Absolute in our mind and yet always fluid and dynamic.

While making decisions in life I feel it important to not have too many absolutes as they will sub-consciously and perhaps in a pre-determined manner reject the many choices that might exist in any situation showing only one?

Next time I would like to talk about …. Till next time 😉

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